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Quoise is the result of intensive work and collaborations. We've dedicated all our effort envisioning and testing our products to reach today’s quality. We have been advised along the way by experts of eyewear that have thought about the best solutions to grant a high qualitative standard.
We are proud about our final product and are now ready to share it with the world. We promise traceability and transparency to our supporters. We will inform our community of any relevant update and will remain always open to all sorts of feedback or questions that arise along the way. If the information provided is not sufficient, please reach out to us!


We chose materials of the best quality and characteristics to get to a light and comfortable product.
Our polycarbonate lenses, made in Italy, have a high impact-resistance, ideal for all sorts of sports and activities.

Due to our versatile Base 6 lenses, our glasses look great as either prescription glasses or sunglasses. Style them up as you prefer!

With a UV400 protection factor, our lenses protect from the harmful effects that UV light can have on the eyelid, cornea and retina.

Quoise is available in 6 different models each of which is available in at least three different colors (our Manta is available in 4 colors; Marlin in 5 colors, all others in three colors).

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